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Carrie Woliver


When my husband, Ron, and I hopped on board to help save the depot for Orange, we had no idea what an exciting ride it was going to be. First we found that Orange residents wanted to see it transformed into the jewel it once was because it is the first building you see as you roll over the railroad tracks entering downtown. The wonderful, passionate group of board members and volunteers has been a joy to work with, helping to raise the funds we needed to complete the task..and we are almost there! Construction has begun and by the end of the year everyone will see the fruits of their labors.

Thank you to all who have contributed, whether financially or otherwise. We feel confident that with your continued support we will have a beautiful museum, garden, gift shop, special events venue that the city can be proud of. For many decades visitors will come to Orange and enjoy seeing this historical landmark and learn about the history of Orange industries.

Our future plans include a retail center and a park across the street, and a railroad car and building for model railroads on the depot site. Please hop on board for this exciting ride!

Friends of the Orange Train Depot image of Brown Claybar 1st Vice President

Brown Claybar
1ST Vice President

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Rose Simar

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Diana K. Hill
2ND Vice President

Alicia Booker

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Bill Shaddock
3RD Vice President

Board Members

  • George Bohn
  • Cecil Broom
  • Paul Burch
  • Rebecca Flickinger
  • Katherine Frey
  • Charles Guillory
  • Deborah Mitchell
  • Carol Sims
  • Codie Vasquez
  • Ron Woliver

Contact Us

1210 Green Avenue P.O. Box 2654 Orange, Texas 77631
To book a rental of the depot,
call 409-330-1576


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